The Show Must Go On

by Carl Pemberton

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The Show Must Go On, a concept album, plays with the notion that a band doesn't have to stick strictly to one genre. Each song represents the hardship and success of Jack, the narrator and main character in this record. He leaves his job and travels to the city to show the world his music, and to prove to himself that this is what he was called to do. Two people effected him the most in this record. A young brunette with black framed glasses and an old street bum who is playing with his band. Please enjoy this ever-changing mixture of music and poetry. Follow Jack through his journey into the big city and maybe you can learn the lessons that he did.


released January 16, 2010

Special Thanks to my good friend Jeremy Webb for playing the drums. He also my engineer and helped co-produce the album. Find him on Myspace and learn more about Night Owl Studio.
Also, a special thanks to my cousin Chase Ramsey and his entrancing electric guitar contribution on the song The City.
Thanks also to Caleb Dykes and his electric guitar rhythm and solo on the song Pardon Me Sir, as well as his acoustic rhythm track on Nine to Five.
Last but certainly not least, is the lovely Jillian Spears with her wonderful harmonies on the song Wide-Eyed Girl.



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Carl Pemberton Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Nine To Five
Dm Bb F
I need more than my Nine to Five can offer.
Gm F Dm
Sure it pays the rent but that’s about it.

F Gm Bb Dm
If this is what people call happiness, then I’ve gotta go.
F Gm Bb Dm
I need love. I need faith. And I’ve got something to show

Dm Bb F
I want a life rather than be a drone programmed for the same job every damn day.
Dm Bb F
Work. Work! Well work makes jack a dull boy! Isn’t that what they say?
Gm F
Well I ain’t your average jack, you see.
That life, it ain’t for me.

Dm F
In this world you have to take what you want
Gm Bb Dm
but give everything in re-turn.
I have to take my life back
Gm Bb Dm
And start to relearn my dreams.

Dm Bb
And the things that I’ve wanted to be.
F C-- C#
I guess, some would call that free. Oh
Dm Bb
And I hope that someday you will see
That I can be something different
Em Dm
Than just me

Instrumental break

Dm F
Tell me who I am and who I’m supposed to become
Gm Dm
Is there a way to find this, without ever leaving home?
I feel scared to walk away from this life,
Gm Dm
Even though I know it’s not right

Dm Bb
I must make a journey to find myself
F Gm
Whatever ever it takes and nothing else matters

Dm Bb F Dm
I need more than my Nine to Five can offer.
Gm F Dm
Sure it pays the rent but that’s about it
Track Name: On My Way
I pack my bags and call out of work
They will never know the difference
I bet they’ll hire some other jerk

I get in my car and head out of town
I won’t let this place bring me down

I’ll leave my old routines behind
I’ll say farewell to all I know
I’ll go to the city to find
Myplace beneath that neon glow

Things would be different and I’ll hold
On to my dreams
I won’t let them be ripped by the seams

I’ve given it all up and left it all behind
I hope that someday my journey will help me find
A new love for my life and some peace of mind

I’m going to do the things I want to do
I won’t waste time or it will all be over soon
Life won’t hesitate to pass me by
So I’ll do I want before I die and

Live my life but I won’t think twice
I’m laying cards down and rolling dice
Luck is on my side and staying close by
I’ve got a feeling. Don’t ask why.
Track Name: The City
Fm Ab Bb
Wait! why are you driving so fast
Hold on! I just want to get past
Fm Ab Bb
This is becoming too much for me
Oh my God! Is that the city?
Db Eb F Ab
The lights illuminate the sky
A star on land that’s easy to find
Db Dbm Ab
So bright it lit up the night

Db Eb Fm Ab
A manmade marvel, a concrete castle
I’m in awe as my heart beats faster
C# C#m
I’ve awaited this my whole life

Ab Bb Fm Eb Db Dbm
Where do I go now? And what am I going to do?
I’m alone in this town and it’s all so new
Ab Bb Eb E Fm
So I take a deep breath and carry on to where I belong
Eb Db Db# Dbm
Adventures and opportunities await
And It’s all just fate playing out

Fm Ab Bb
Wait! Why are we walking so fast?
Hold on! I don’t think my legs will last
Fm Ab Bb
This is all just amazing to me
Maybe here I’ll feel free.
Fm Ab Bb
Please God tell me it’s true
There so much to see and so much to do
Fm Ab Bb
I almost forgot that I’m here on my own
But I’m not scared being here all alone

Db Eb Fm Gm Ab
Db Dbm
C Db C Db Eb

Fm Ab Bb
It’s a race for the finish and I won’t be last
I’m starting from new and forgetting my past
m Ab Bb
The new found fire that’s burning in my heart
Let’s me know this is a good place to
Db C Db C
Track Name: Waiting On A Second Look
I saw you
Looking at me
Who knew
That you would notice me

Will you look
One more time
Then I will say hello

Because you look so beautiful
I try and play it cool
And the smile that you gave me made my day
I just hope I know what to say

The butterflies are dancing
They got no where to go
The thought of you is entrancing
So, I keep my gaze out the window

Who are you mystery girl
With your black framed glasses
And long brown hair

Will you look again?
I see you smiling
And I try not to stare

Then you turned your head
And looked me straight in the eyes
You laughed a little
and you gave a big white smile
And you gave me a second look
Track Name: Pardon Me Sir
Pardon me sir
If you have a moment to spare
I’m diggin’ your music
I couldn’t help but stare

I love the way your music flows
You guys put on one a hell of a show
Here’s a small tip and a thanks from me
This kind of thing shouldn’t be free

It’s amazing to me how people pass right by
The greatest performance I’ve seen with my eyes
I must know one thing If you don’t mind me asking
If you guys are so good, then why are you on the street?

He said to me
I love this gig but not for the money
I love this gig because my days are always sunny
When I’m out here with my band of bums
I forget about my life and how I live in the slums

This life is hard enough trying to make it through
But I make enough money off of people like you
Who tip me for a song well played
I get to live my life one more day

I love what I do, don’t you see?
When I play, you’re really seeing me
And son I’m the freest man there can be
Track Name: Take My Hand
So many things I want to say
About the games you try to play
But I tell you something I learned
If you don’t watch out you're going to get burned

Make your wish while you can
But 11:11 is just another trend
You have to make your wish come true

The way you look in my eyes
It tells me everything's going to be all right
everything's going to be alright
But when it’s over and I’m cold
From being alone and growing older
Without you

But I’m here with you now
And that’s all that matters

Take my hand
And I’ll show you my world
I’ll let you in
Like no other girl

Don’t be afraid
It’s not too late

If you stay here with me
I just might, just maybe, be happy
Track Name: Wide-Eyed Girl
Well I fell in love
With a girl sent from above
She had big wide eyes
But I had to go and make her cry

In case were wondering
I still care
And if you were worried
I’ll still be there

Now that you know
I’ll let you go
If you ever need me
You’ll know where I’ll be

But I’m not planning I’m not planning
on being alone

Slowly I’ll get over you
But I know that we’re not through
You’ll come back in my life
At the very worst time

Oh wide eyed girl
You rocked my world
I didn’t make a move
I was afraid of what I would lose

Now I know I was a fool
Now you’re chasing some tool
And I don’t think there’s
Anything I can do

Oh I was wild about you
You were always on my mind
I always wanted to see you
But you were always hard to find

I’m telling you one thing
And I promise it’s true
I about fell in love with you

This wide-eyed girl
She rocked my world
And took my heart
By accident

This wide-eyed girl
Rocked my world
And made me wonder
What happened?

If you were wondering
I still care
If you were worried
I’ll still be there

Now that you know
I’ll let you go
If you ever need me
You’ll know where I’ll be

But I wont be alone for long
I’ll write another girl her own song
And I won’t worry with you anymore
Track Name: The Show Must Go On
It’s hard to Imagine
A place called home
When you’re down on your luck
With no where to go

But the show must go on
Like the promise of dawn every day
And a dark night
That will always go away
And now I wait

For it all
To change
I close my eyes
But it’s all in vain

My whole world stays the same
As I float within my range

And I’m lost but at what cost
There is nothing left to lose
And all my dreams aren’t coming true

I sit alone on my park bench
Wondering how it all crashed at burned
My chance at success was blinded
By my love for a girl who cared less than I did

I’m all out of luck
And my hope for a new life has been crushed

But I will never, I’ll never give up
As long as I live, I will continue on

And hope that one day my dreams will come true
Because for now there’s nothing left for me to lose
Im going to prove to myself it’s not through

But the show must go on
Like the promise of dawn every day
And a dark night
That will always go away
It will always go away